Rethink and live your life again!


Enamul Hafiz Latifee writes,

Is it enough to make yourself happy only?

Is it enough that you are living an aesthetic life and some are not even getting a daily meal or on another side can’t sleep properly because of huge mental stress?

We altogether make up a society, when a society’s 99% are in unrest situation then how can you expect to be in good condition always?

You call yourself a selfish one, who believes only in give and take, well if you are really so, and really care about yourself, then to keep yourself in ultimate peaceful condition, you should always work to help others who are in worse situation.

Unless you do it, one day you are going to get affected as well, for sure. You know it better, society works in a cyclical way.

So if you really call yourself a selfish one, then work for your people first.

Rethink and live your life again!

Thank you!


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