Lockdown to be imposed from 14 to 21 April


Against the backdrop of surging coronavirus cases, the government has announced strict enforcement of country-wide lockdown from 14 to 21 April. The cabinet division announced the gazette notification in this regard on Monday, 12 April 2021.

Instructions have been given to the secretaries of the concerned ministries and divisions to maintain restrictions strictly during the lockdown.

“All the government, semi-government, autonomous, financial and private offices will remain closed. All the employees and officials have been asked to stay at the duty station during the lockdown,” according to the gazette notification.

But the air, sea, river, land ports and its concerned establishments will remain out of the purview of the instructions.


All types of inland transportation including road, river and international flight operations will remain shut down. But cargo transportation, manufacturing and emergency services will remain out of the order.

Industries and factories are allowed to operate their respective units by maintaining health guidelines. But factories and industries must have to ensure transportation for commuting their respective workers.


Law enforcement agencies, emergency utility services, farm inputs including fertilizer, seed, pesticides, farm machineries, food grains, food items transportation, relief distribution, health care services, Covid-19 vaccination, electricity, water, gas, fire service, port operations, telephone, internet, mass media including print and electronic media, private security, postal services and other emergency cargo and service related offices, employees and their own transportation will remain out of the restrictions.

Unless of any emergency situation like medicine and essentials purchase, medical treatment, burial or funeral of dead body, none will be allowed to go outside of home. Travelling for vaccination purpose after showing vaccination card will be allowed.

All the shops including shopping malls will remain closed during this time. But food shops, hotels and restaurants are allowed to open only for sale and supply of food between 12pm and 7pm and 12am to 6am daily.

Commodities and daily essentials sales are allowed in open space from 9am to 3pm daily, but the market authority and the local administration will ensure this.

Transportation of farm labourers for harvesting of the Boro crop will be coordinated by the concerned district administrations.

District and field administrations throughout the country have been asked to take effective measures for implementing these instructions and law enforcement agencies will enforce regular patrol.

District administration and the police department will take necessary action on behalf of the director general of the department of health, the notification added.

The religious affairs ministry will issue individual instructions for performing jumah and tarabi prayers through following health guidelines.

The concerned ministry/division is allowed to issue supplementary instructions for implementing the instructions accurately. Even the Bangladesh Supreme Court will issue necessary instructions for the courts.


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