Indigenous fishes release eggs in Halda river of Bangladesh on 21 May 2020



Some popular species of fishes specially Ruhi, Katla, Mrigel and Kaliboush released record quantity of eggs on Thursday (21 May 2020) night in the river Halda, the lone natural fish breeding sanctuary in the world.


These fishes usually release eggs between March and June, said experts, adding though mother fishes took a long time to release eggs this year, its quantity is sufficient.


Halda expert Dr. Monjuril Kibria told that the fry-collectors collected over 25,600 kilograms of eggs in the early hours of Friday, which is a record amount in the last 20 years.

Reducing of man-made disaster like indiscriminate hunting of mother fishes (egg carrying fishes) and river pollution is the major cause of the huge amount of the eggs releasedthis year, said Hilda expert Prof Monjurul Kibria of Zoology Department at Chattogram University, who has been carrying out massive research works on the unique character of this river and its fish spawning.


The river Haldais the only natural breeding ground in the world where sweet water species like these fishes release their eggs at a certain period of the monsoon over a century.


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