COVID-19: Over 40 million people have received govt’s relief in Bangladesh till 06 May 2020

Relief distribution. File photo: Getty Images.

Enamul Hafiz Latifee reports,

More than 40 million people of 92.51 lakh families across the country have received relief as humanitarian assistance as the government continues its efforts to mitigate their sufferings in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


According to the information received from the district administrations of 64 districts, 1 lakh 33 thousand 165 metric tons of rice was allocated as relief till 06 May 2020, and 1 lakh 5 thousand 779 metric tons of rice was distributed.


More than Taka 73 crore in cash was allocated during the crisis in the country while about Taka 49 crore was distributed so far, an official handout said here today.

Besides, about Taka 10 crore 82 lakh has been distributed so far for baby food aid.

The number of beneficiary families stands at 3 lakh 56 thousand 648 while the number of beneficiaries is 7 lakh 30 thousand 921 people.


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