Congratulatory Video Message by South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun on the occasion of Bangladesh’s 50th Anniversary of Independence and Birth Centenary of Father of the Nation



The Hi-Tech Park, which is being built in the Korean Export Processing Zone in Chattogram, will emerge as a hub for ICT-centric innovative growth in tune with the digital transformation in Bangladesh, said South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun today (25 March 2021).

“Recently, the Korean Export Processing Zone, which is a symbol of bilateral economic cooperation, has embarked on a project to build a Hi-Tech Park with the Bangladesh government. I am confident that this Park will emerge as a hub for ICT-centric innovative growth in tune with the digital transformation in the post-Covid era,” he said.


The prime minister of the Republic of Korea also congratulated Bangladesh’s leadership on the occasion of Mujib Borsho and the country’s golden jubilee of independence. His address was broadcast at the celebration at the National Parade Square today.

He said Korea and Bangladesh have continued to nurture the ties of friendship over the last nearly half a century since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1973.

Recalling his visit as the Speaker of the National Assembly of Korea in 2017, he said such a visit was an excellent opportunity to bolster the bonds of friendship between the two countries and deepen the ties of cooperation.


Korea and Bangladesh share a common ground: we both have the proud legacy of triumphing over colonial rule,” Chung Sye-kyun said.

He said the noble sacrifice of the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who devoted his life to the struggle for the independence of the Bengali nation and to secure the Bengali language as the national language, reminds “us of the sweat and blood of our ancestors who were martyrs for the protection and building of our nation”.

Bangladesh, with its remarkable economic development and rapid emergence in the heart of Asia, is echoing the Miracle on the Han River, the Korean PM said.

The international community has been deeply impressed to see that Bangladesh, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic when the world economy has slowed down, succeeded in achieving the greatest level of economic growth.

“And there are great expectations that Bangladesh will take further tremendous strides forward, as it is anticipated to graduate from the LDC status in 2026.”


He said the Republic of Korea will be a trusted friend to Bangladesh in moving forward to embrace the future together.

There are already more than 200 Korean companies operating in Bangladesh contributing to the economic development of the two countries.

“The areas of cooperation, which had been more focused on the textiles and garment industry, have expanded to encompass a diverse range of fields such as ICT, construction, energy and culture, thereby creating more windows of opportunity.”

He said he has every confidence that Bangladesh, with the benefit of the vision and leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will shape an even more shining future of greater prosperity.

“As it has been over the last half a century, Korea will continue to be by the side of Bangladesh in the next half a century, for the welcoming in a future of even fuller promise.”




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