Bangladesh Commerce Ministry’s unprecedented networking to preserve rawhide



This year the Commerce Ministry has taken unprecedented networking measures to preserve rawhide of the sacrificial animals. Under the networking, all the district administrations of the country have also been involved in leather related issues.


Joint-Secretary (Imports) of the Commerce Ministry HM Shafiquzzaman informed that the additional secretary and joint-secretary level officials of the ministry will start visiting different divisions and districts across the country from tomorrow to supervise all leather-related matters.

He said if the fair price of rawhides is not immediately available, the rawhides should be salted and preserved. “Salted rawhide remains well for one to one-and-a-half months.


The ministry has already lifted the ban on salted raw-leather exports and allowed leather exports,” he added. HM Shafiquzjan said he is also going to Rajshahi on Sunday to oversee leather-related matters. Asked if he had received any leather-related complaints, the Joint-Secretary (Imports), also in charge of the ‘control cell’ said they are receiving 4 or 5 complaints in every minute. The Commerce Ministry’s ‘control cell’ has been open since Friday.


Meanwhile, after the holy Eid-ul-Azha prayers, a large number of animals have been sacrificed across the country, including the capital. However, after the sacrifice, a kind of slackness has been noticed in both the buyers and sellers in buying and selling the skins of the sacrificial animals. The buyers did not show interest in buying leather at the price fixed by the Ministry of Commerce. In Dhaka, the price of salted raw leather was fixed at Taka 35 to 40 per square feet.


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